Are you investing your time with the right people?

Welcome to my blog and this, my first blog post.  Let’s start talking about our closest ones and how they influence us.  Different researchers opinions state that we are more likely to think and behave according to the five persons we most share our time with.  Is this true?

Whether we like it or not, we need to recognize if these persons are to keep or to lose.  It is necessary to stop and think if their company have a positive outcome on our decisions and thinking. Of course, you still are your own kind of unique but can’t put aside how interacting with others shape you.

Let’s do the following.  Make your own list of the 5 persons you most come in contact with.  At the side, state whether they are a positive or negative influence in your life.  Is it positive?  Keep them near you.  Their support is necessary for your growth.  Are they negative?  Guess it’s time to develop some mind-toughness to make decisions that even when they look as a loss, you are gaining something.


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