How interacting with kids makes my day better?

I’ve been a teacher for four years now in an elementary school.  School can be a stressing but also a nourishing environment for any adult.  Every time summer comes, I get depressed for a few days because I miss them.  Without having kids of my own I have come to realize in different ways how having second graders and young people around me makes my day better.

  1. They’re spontaneous.  That means being suddenly honest, making mistakes, doing something naughty at your back, or just being themselves without any fear of what people might think of them.  It’s like a box full of surprises; you never know what’s coming out of one.  That way, every day something different happens and diversity makes your life full of experiences and joy that motivates you to keep going.
  2. They’re funny.  I can remember certain moments when I just cant stay focused during a class because one students came with a comment or action, out of nowhere, that made me burst in laughter.  Laughter is contagious and it also boosts the production of serotonin, an anti-depressant, which also fights stress.
  3. They’re simple.  Being an adult is complicated.  Many responsabilities, many decisions. Kids don’t understand this because every problem that this world has, the solution is so simple.  My brain gets knocked-out everytime a kid blasts me with his or her perspective about something particular.  Much of our dilemmas could be solved by taking the right steps without us complicating the process.
  4. They represent the real you before you get conscience about your sorroundings.  I’ve had many students, many.  Each of them is represented in my memory for something different.  During those first years, kids are modeled mostly by their parents, but I also listen to parents saying “I don’t know where he/she got it from”.  That’s what I remember the most of them.  They are themselves without fear.  Too bad when I have seen the opposite.  The pressure of the world makes no difference for who they are.
  5. They love.  Abundantly.  You teach them that and you will receive it multiplied.  They give it without measuring, reminding us that kindness, forgiveness and compassion are needed everyday.  I also come to think, when specifically in our time line, people change this.

I recommend you that if you still don’t have kids, stop and look around you.  Children teach us great lessons.  If you have kids, model them what you want to see in them.  All of us are responsible for their future.





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